Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Eye Shadow Trend - Pink Eye Shadow

Pink eye shadow
How to Wear Pink Eye Shadow 

When I think of pink eye shadow I think about the 80's and Toddlers & Tiaras...but there is actually a really beautiful and sophisticated way to wear pink on your eyes.  It is all about the shade of pink and they way it is applied...here a are few tips to try the spring.

perfect pink eye shadow
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1.) The pink shadow should be in a cool dusty rose color (blue undertones).  If the color is too rich or reddish it will make the eyes look irritated.

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2.) Place the shadow on the eye lid, intensified on the center of the lid and diffused to the edges.  if it is a cream based shadow use your fingers to apply it, this will warm up the product making it easier to apply.

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3.) Very light eye liner in grey or browns.  Smudge it out very lightly if you want a subtle smoky eye, but don't over dramatize the colors or it will start to look dated.  Soft blending is key to keeping the look sophisticated and youthful.
pretty nude lips
4.) Keep the lips neutral in nude colors with a little gloss.  Just like when you wear a red dress, you dont want to try to match pinks together.  Pick a nude color that doesnt leave you looking washed out...it should have a touch of natural color and use the gloss to make your lips look fuller and give them a softness.

This is a very fun look for springtime during the day and you can often use your blush as the eye shadow color (two'fer).  Don't forget the eye brows and the lashes for this look, it is important to keep the face framed and these features should be defined and pop.

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