Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Eye Shadow Trend - Pink Eye Shadow

Pink eye shadow
How to Wear Pink Eye Shadow 

When I think of pink eye shadow I think about the 80's and Toddlers & Tiaras...but there is actually a really beautiful and sophisticated way to wear pink on your eyes.  It is all about the shade of pink and they way it is applied...here a are few tips to try the spring.

perfect pink eye shadow
Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow
in Miss Priss $8.00
1.) The pink shadow should be in a cool dusty rose color (blue undertones).  If the color is too rich or reddish it will make the eyes look irritated.

Rain Cosmetics in Peepshow

2.) Place the shadow on the eye lid, intensified on the center of the lid and diffused to the edges.  if it is a cream based shadow use your fingers to apply it, this will warm up the product making it easier to apply.

Be A Bombshell One Stick
Girl Crush $9.00

3.) Very light eye liner in grey or browns.  Smudge it out very lightly if you want a subtle smoky eye, but don't over dramatize the colors or it will start to look dated.  Soft blending is key to keeping the look sophisticated and youthful.
pretty nude lips
4.) Keep the lips neutral in nude colors with a little gloss.  Just like when you wear a red dress, you dont want to try to match pinks together.  Pick a nude color that doesnt leave you looking washed out...it should have a touch of natural color and use the gloss to make your lips look fuller and give them a softness.

This is a very fun look for springtime during the day and you can often use your blush as the eye shadow color (two'fer).  Don't forget the eye brows and the lashes for this look, it is important to keep the face framed and these features should be defined and pop.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 5 Airbrush Tan Rookie Mistakes

Top Mistakes Made by a Rookie Airbrush Tanning Clients 

1.) Too DarkDon’t go medium or medium dark on your first time getting an airbrush tan, no matter who does it or how great the reputation.  You don’t know if you will actually like the look on you and you can always go darker in the future.  It is best to start with a light or light medium color.  Less shocking the next day and fades very naturally, until you know that you will love it!

2.) Wrong OutfitYoga pants and flip flops are ok, however some Lululemons have very thick seams and are very very tight fitting, they can leave a mark down you legs.  Flip-flops are good during the summer, but the rain on your feet will ruin the spray tan.  Jeans are always a no no…if you have jeans that are baggy enough to not leave a mark then you have a horrible pair of jeans and you shouldn’t wear them anyway;)  Wear very loose fitting clothes and shoes and preferably something with a hood or bring an umbrella.

3.) Poor Scheduling  Get your waxing, nails, pedicures, hair coloring, and clothes shopping done first.  In fact your Flawless Tan should be almost last on your list of services before any event or vacation.  Don’t schedule a massage the very next day (the oils they use can sometimes strip the tan).  Don’t exercise or bath your toddler that night.  If it is summer time, don’t go on a boat or to happy hour sitting in the hot sun for hours sweating.

4.) Bikini Bottoms I know it is awkward and uncomfortable to get sprayed by a person…especially the first time.  I assure you that all the spray tan technician is paying attention to is the results of the tan!!!  I highly recommend getting your airbrush tan done in the nude.   Having said that, if you are going to wear bottomw, it is crucial that you know how your bikini bottoms are going to fit and where exactly the line is going to be so if you do decide to wear bottoms during the spray tan service you don’t end up with funny lines that show when you put on your swim-suite (completely defeats the purpose of the Flawless tan)

5.) Tanning in a Bed for a Base Tan – This simple truth is that this process does nothing except dry out and ruin your skin.  A ‘base tan’ is equivalent to SPF 2-4 (American Academy of Dermatologist).  Just don’t do it.  The tanning beds before a spray tan will cook your skin and the spray tan will have a hard time drying and processing.  The tanning bed after your spray tan will dry out your already dry skin and create horrible flaking of the spray solution and often premature fading in patches.  Not recommended….the California Cocktail is a thing of the past, not a good look on anyone.  

This is probably more informaiton about spray tanning that you ever thought you needed to know, but it is important random things to consider to get a truly Flawless Tan.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - The Heist World Tour

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Tour – The Heist

The Heist World Tour
Maile and me on the flight...
On our way!!!
I was recently invited to tag along on a 4 city tour doing makeup for the back up dancers, The Macklemorette’s, the Rebecca, Cellist and as it turns out a couple of the male performers for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis The Heist World Tour…was such an honor and amazing experience.

I feel very lucky that I had the chance to evn be backstage at all...I just kept pinching myself thinking 'I am not cool enough to be here'.  There ae such amazing performers and artists and just listening to them talk about writing their songs or practicing their instraments was sureal!  It was the opportunity of a lifetime and I can now check that off my bucket list.  
"Makeup artists for a 6-time Grammy Nominated Performers Tour"

professional makeup artist
I had no idea what to expect when I arrived and was totally intimidated by the thought of being backstage with all these amazingly talented people.  As it turns out, it felt exactly like being in the locker rooms as a SeaGal at the Hawks Games.  Doing the makeup felt exactly like doing a brides makeup for the first time…everyone just wants to look fabulous and feel great. 

Everyone was chill and easy going and with all of us from Seattle there was already a connection and many common threads that made the conversations easy and natural. 
stage makeup seattle
beautiful asian eye makeup
Rebecca Chung Filice, Cellist for
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
World Tour

Each performer had a little different need or request, some wanted off the wall fun crazy makeup, others wanted a more traditional stage makeup look, and others just didn't want to have to do it themselves (I love that reason, my favorite)!

We did heavy winged cat eyes, we tried bright blues, and bright golds...as well as a seafoam green all over the lid winged all the way out to the temple.  It looked absolutely stricking on stage.

A great makeup artists’ goal should always be to make the client feel calm and comfortable and give them an hour to relax and chill before they have to be ‘on’ the rest of the night (hosting an event, attending a wedding, or performing in front of 40,000 screaming fans)…this was how I went into each concert.  I wanted whoever sat in my chair to relax and feel just a little more confidant and excited when they performed.
male performer makeup
Ray Dalton singer on Grammy Nominated
song 'The Ceiling Cant Hold Us' one of
my favorites!
Anna, lead dancer and
choreographer for Macklemorette's
(as they are known)

The first concert was a trial run for everyone…a little nervous (bad experiences in the past) and a little concerned that I wouldn’t listen to what they were comfortable with for makeup looks.
performance makeup

Andrew Jocyln lead of strings section and
violinist, sporting his new 'Guy-Liner'.

By the last concert in San Francisco we were all ready to try some fun crazy looks with different color combinations and intense eye makeup.  We had a trust level at that point where everyone was able to sit back and relax.  That is when it clicks and it's fun for everyone!!!

Number one thing I took away from this adventure was to trust my talent (10%) and to be myself (90%).  Reading what the person in my chair wants and listening to everything they say, and then interpreting that into what I will do to make them feel and look fabulous….male, female, , homecoming girls, grandmothers of the bride, Grammy nominated performer, and everyone else!  I love what I do and I am lucky that people feel it is worth it to pay me for it!  

Cheers to living the dream and not working a day in our lives!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Perfect Glitter Holiday Eye - Smokey Bronzed Eye Makeup

glitter eye makeup

Holiday Trend 

The Glitter Bronzed Smokey Eye

I recently did one of my favorite holiday looks and wanted to share some of the basic techniques for appling it so the makeup will stay and look polished all night.  Everyone loves a smokey eye with a twist....add glitter!

1.) First rule of putting on glitter eye makeup -
Apply to the eye lid first...because you will end up needing to clean up all the glitter fall down below the eye.  Glitter is sometimes really hard to get off the skin completely and it stays in my makeup brushes forever so I avoid using them too.

I have started to use a mini lint roller on my cheeks when I have glitter fall down, lol.  A slightly damp mascara wand works too.  

2.) Use eye primer (my favorite is MAC Paint Pot in Painterly) and while it is still tacky place the glitter on the lid with a flat synthetic brush and press it onto the eye, never use a fluffy brush to swipe it on.  It will get everywhere and you wont get the look you are going for anyway.
flawless holiday makeup look
3.) Go easy on the inner corner of the eye.  Not only is glitter super uncomfortable when it gets in your eyes (or worse your contacts), but it also can catch light funny in pics and look harsh and funny.  It is best to end it at the lash line and use a
or sheen to brighten the inner corner of the eye if that is the desired look.

4.) Eye Liner - Use a gel liner and and angle brush.  Press the liner into the lash line without dragging it across the lash line.  This will ensure that it does not mess up the glitter and the brush will likely not get covered in the glitter.

Product List - 

  • MAC Holiday Pigment combo collection on the lid
  • MAC Brown Down in the crease used very lightly
  • MAC Fluid Line applied with an angle brush 
  • Naked Palette Original - a mix of the golds and browns smudge out the bottom liner

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Make-up Trends 2013 - Copper Smokey Eye

fall makeup 2013
Copper Metallic Smokey Eye

Make-up Looks for Fall 2013 - Trends and Tips

This year I have been seeing a new version of the Smokey Eye...the color is consistent almost the whole way up to the brow and really only one color is used.

This look is dramatic and modern, but very hard to pull off (keep it simple and extra blending will help).  It is usually done in one particular shade such as copper (shown here) or greys.  Metallic versions are often used as well.  The color is applied heavily close around the eye and then gradually fades out as you blend it to the brow.  This is similar to a traditional smokey eye, however usually there are at least three colors used in the smokey eye we are used to seeing.

This particular look using copper is beautiful with a bronzed contoured cheek (very little blush), heavy black eye liner, a nude peach lip, very heavy eye brows.
Blend a Smokey Eye Brush
1.) Use a Short Shader Brush MAC #213 works great for close around the to blend out the black liner into the heavy copper.  If you are using a metallic copper color you will want to pat the product on your eye lid so it doesn't fall on you lashes.  Blend using short back and forth strokes below the eye.

2.) The #217 MAC Blending Brush is a must have in any kit and works really well for blending out the heavier shadow from the lid up thru the crease.  You shouldn't need to switch brushes for the blending from the crease up to the brow at all, I would just continue to blend (don't add any more product or it will end up too heavy in the crease)

Personally I think the heavy dramatic eye like this doesn't need any false lashes and should go with a very sleek hair style.  It speaks for itself and doesn't nee much else.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Importance of Professional Head Shots

How to Look Your Best in Your Next Professional Head Shot Photo Session -

In this social media crazed world we seem to have a million ways to share photos, post photos, and tag photos....however when it comes to our professional lives it is nice to have a polished and stylized look.  This includes good lighting, polished makeup, styled hair, and appropriate attire.  These key ingredients help represent you in the way that you want people to see you.

Even though we are in the industry, I really do recommend hiring professional help with styling for attire, hair, and makeup looks.  These photos are going to be used for your business and represent you and you work so hard to put your best foot forward at work why not put your very best into your image as well.

Suggestions when considering a professional head shot...

best makeup for professional head shot
Example of great lighting and location
1.) Location - Pick somewhere with natural light, but sometimes outside is too much natural light, and the environment ends up being hard for a photographer to control.  The wind or rain can be a problem for hair and makeup so I would recommend a second location in a studio as well.

Example of great hair and skin
2.) Photographer - Make sure to pick a photographer who does a lot of professional head shots, who has experience with the lighting and poses.  As silly as it sounds, having someone who can help you with your posing and how you stand is very helpful!

3.) Hair  - Hair should be simple in a style you feel comfortable with and one that is flattering to your attire and your face.  It shouldn't cover your face too much and also shouldn't be completely pulled back.
Not to much hair product, you want it to be soft and fall naturally not look stiff in the photos.

business makeup looks
Example of the right amount of makeup
4.) Make-up - Make-up should be natural and enhance all your features.  It might be a bit more makeup then you are used to, but it is necessary in order to show up in photos.  A touch more contouring and highlighting might be advised as well as more definition in the eye liner and blush.  Makeup tends to get lost in photos and in order for your features to stand out and look polished with high def photos more makeup is required.

*** there is a benefit to airbrush makeup and that is, it holds up well in heat and lights and lasts for a very long time if you are having a long shoot.  It also doesn't show brush strokes because it is applied with an airbrush gun.  This is all much more important in a high definition photo shoot.  Or for media prints that will be enlarged such as posters or banners.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tanning for SeaFair Weekend

SeaFair Weekend in Seattle -

SeaFair has offiacially started with the Tourchlight Parade the other night and now we get ready for the festivities!!!  Along with buying bikinis and beer...most girls get a tan, a pedicure, and a wax before the big weekend on the boats.

A couple tips to make sure your tan is flawless for SeaFair Parties...

1.) Get your pedicure and waxing appointments done before you come in for your airbrush tan (we recommend at least the day before your tanning appointment)

2.) Schedule your Flawless Tan appointment in advance.  It is one of the busiest weekends for us and we fill up fast and often have a very hard time moving around appointment times.  We recommend either Wednesday or Thursday (open 9am - 9pm) as the best days before the weekend.  Book ahead of time and just remember these appointments are pre-paid and non-refundable.  

3.) Exfoliate a couple days before your tan (you want your skin to be prepared nicely for your tan and this will help the tan go on evenly and stay longer

4.) Find an outfit for your tanning appointment that is loose fitting, darker colored, and light weight so you dont sweat.  I love maxi dresses and loose fitting flip flops.  No bra (it can leavea  tan line).  No sunglasses right after the tan either, they can leave a mark on your nose.

5.) Hats.  Hats are cute on a boat, but a really tight fitting baseball cap can leave a mark and maybe rub off the tan on your forhead depending on how much you sweat.  So I would stick with loose fitting hats or sunglasses instead.

6.) Buy a touch up lotion or spray to keep the tan looking flawless all the way to Sunday.  Normally it lasts beautifully without touching up, however that much sweat and water on the skin will naturally exfoliate the tan prematurely and you still want to look glowing on Sunday.  I recommend the spray at night and the lotion during the day.

7.) Sunscreen!!!  Use at least a 30 when you are on the water (50 for your face).  Keep reapplying it so that you dont get burned.  It will ruin your weekend, and your Flawless Tan will peel off funny the rest of the week:(

8.) Extra hydrating lotion at night (if you dont use a touch up spray).  I like Cetaphil.  It will help you hydrate your skin after being in the water and sun all day. Chances are you are drinking alcohol too, and that dehydrates your skin as well.  So lots and lots of water!!!

Those are my tips for a flawless tan for SeaFair.  Have fun, be safe, and we will see you later this week.  Post your SeaFair pics on Flawless Facebook page and we will do a drawing at the end of the weekend for a free Whish Tan Extender Lotion!