Monday, June 28, 2010

Time to Clean Your Make-up Brushes

Do you avoid cleaning your make-up brushes regularly because it is a nuisance??? Its time to start a new habit...listen up. I used to clean my brushes a couple times a year....yes I said a couple times a YEAR! Well, changes in my career have obviously made me much more aware of how much a dirty and unsanitary make-up brush effects your skin, not to mention how your make-up is applied.

I have come up with a fabulous way to keep my brushes clean and not spend a lot of money.

I use Dawn Dish Soap to clean my brushes. I bought a small little bottle of it that I keep on my counter in the bathroom. It just so happens that we use Crest mouth wash at our house, and it comes with a little cup as the lid. This cup is the perfect size for washing my brushes so I save them.

Every other night after I am done washing my face, I wash my out my brushes that way they can dry overnight. This is my process....

Step 1. A little squeeze of the Dawn Soap in a cup
Step 2. Add some warm water
Step 3. Swirl a couple brushes around
Step 4. Rinse the brushes and dump out the dirty water
Step 5. Repeat for every few brushes

Now there is no excuse to be using dirty brushes. They will last a lot longer this way too. A couple more tips for those who have very special brushes. Never smash them hard when drying the. Towel dry by squeezing out the extra water. Hang them upside down to dry, and use a brush guard.

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