Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are all nail salons the same?

It always seemed to me that all the nail salons in my local area were kinda the same. I have had good and bad experiences at most of them. They all seemed to use similar equipment and products, so it was mostly a matter of convenience. There is always another one around the corner who might have an opening, right?

There are 11 of them that I can count between Juanita and Rose Hill.
I have found one that stands out in a crowd! Trendz Nail Bar (www.trendznailbar.com)is a small little boutique across from Starbucks on Lake Street in the heart of Kirkland...and there are a couple things that stand out about this particular salon. Linda the owner and her husband are just darling people and they remember their clients...but that is not necessarily a big difference, many of the nail salons are owned by very lovely people who are warm and welcoming to their clients.

The first big difference is their equipment. If you have ever read anything or seen news reports about the pedicure spa chairs and how much bacteria they can carry in their jets you will know what I am talking about. If you haven't seen any reports on this problem...google it. I promise you will not want to use those spa pedicure chairs anymore....gross. The big problem is with the pipes that are linked to the Jacuzzi style jets, they can't be cleaned so they can gather bacteria in them and then the water is circulated through leaving your feet sitting in water and leaving them susceptible to bacteria and infection...Eeewwwww. Linda has invested in spa chairs with pipeless jet technology!!! OMG, how did it take this long to figure that out. They are easily removed and cleaned so it is completely sanitary. It puts my mind at ease and now I am not worried about my pedicures any more.

Second is their product. Shellac is a nail polish option that lasts for a few weeks so you don't have to go in for a manicure every week.

Another big difference is how much Linda and her husband work with other local businesses and how involved they are in Kirkland. I like supporting businesses who feel like they want to be part of our community. As a resident in Kirkland and a Kirkland business owner, that goes a long way with me.

They have wine tasting nights featuring local wines...totally my style. Next one is Dec.16th, but they fill up fast so you need to make an appointment. 425-968-5078

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