Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SeaGal Auditions Right Around the Corner....

This is to all the ladies out there who have dreamed of being an NFL Cheerleader. There is really no way to explain the adventure you are about to start... otherwise known as "SeaGal Auditions" 2011! Anyone who has not experianced it yet is in for the craziest month of their lives, however it can also be the best time of your life. Cherish every part of it!!!

Now down to business...I am gonna share all the tricks that I wish I had known about before auditions! I will blog something new each day between now and April 9th the first clinic , and I will see you all there!!!

You can find all my favorite people who will help you prepare on my website under "SeaGal Audition Specials". All of the businesses you see on my website are people that I personally use and trust completely.

We are gonna start off with a couple make-up tips in this blog. More to come about hair, skin, tanning, excersise, clinics, attire, and general "stuff".

Primers - Primers are usually kind of an extra in my book, because it isnt always necessary for your make-up to last perfectly for 10 hours or under stressful conditions. However, with SeaGal Auditions it is absolutely crutial. Smashbox primers are the best. Photo Finish Face Primer and Photo Finish Eye Primer will help your make-up stay in place as you dance.
Lashes - You are gonna have to learn how to apply lashes! Buy some black eyelash glue, so you are gonna have to get good at this...time to start practicing!!! Buy lashes from us or the drug store, DO NOT BUY MAC LASHES (they are way to thick at the base, they are too expensive, and they do not stay on as well as the Ardell). Apply a line of glue at the base and bend it in your fingers a little as it drys and becomes tacky. This will help so it doesn't slide around on your eye when you place it there and it will be in the correct shape for your eyelid. Do not curl your natural lashes because this makes it harder to get the false lashes on behidn your real lashes.

Blush - Posey
Lips - Girl About Town/ Impassioned/ Chatterbox
Powder - Blott Powder Medium

More info to come tomorrow!

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