Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beauty Tips from Mom...

My mom has never been in to the beauty industry like I have, however she has offered me tips and her tricks over the years. I take them seriously, because she looks fantastic and I am hoping that some of it is in the genes. Never the less there is one beauty tip she gave me recently on a family trip to Hawaii and I have yet to try it out, but I am excited about it...

Rain water and your hair??? It seems that rain water makes your hair instantly shiny and thick and beautifully manageable. Now how is it that I have never heard of this before???

Well I thought this would be an easy one to test since I live in Washington and it is winter time, which normally means rainy and grey for like the next 4 months. However, since we have gotten back the only water from the sky that we have had is in the form of snow. So I have not had a chance to try this and thus my hair is still dull and blah!

Her other 2 pieces of advise I have tried and love.
1.) Use sunscreen
2.) Oil of Olay products apparently still work great. I mean they have been around for like 100 years.

There we go, that's it. My mothers beauty advise for me, well and one more..."its what is on the inside that matters". That is going to be a problem for me, since my entire business is focused on whats on the outside. I suppose we can try to match the outside with how beautiful we are inside, right?

Please share with me your favorite advise handed down to you from mom or grandmother. And when it inevitably starts raining I will be trying the rain water trick and you should too...tell me what you thought, and I will be back again to share my experience.

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