Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Seattle Sunless Tan

Jesse Dawn airbrush technician at My Flawless Tan Seattle location has been featured in this months Allure Magazine.

Jesse has been doing My Flawless Tans for over three years now and has obviously perfected her airbrush tans. To book an appointment with Jesse just call Salon Voda at 206-838-8632 open for tans Tuesday - Saturday 10am -6pm.

If you are not able to get in to see Jesse, all of our technicians are fabulous and My Flawless Tan Kirkland is open 7 days a week, exact hours and online booking available at

The key to the best Seattle Sunless Tan is the preparation and post-care of your skin. The first question I get when someone has not done spray tanning before is "what do I do?" Here are the key's to a flawless seattle suntan.

1.) Make sure you can wait to shower until the next day (I think the tan lasts the full week if you give it a full 12 hours to process)

2.) Get your waxing and pedicure appointments done before you come in for a tan (Try Sweet Spahh located inside My Flawless Tan Kirkland)

3.) If it looks like it might rain (all the time) make sure you are completely covered up or bring an umbrella so that the tan doesn't get spotted when you walk to your car

4.) Wear loose and dark colored clothes. The tan can transfer to your clothes until you shower and although it should wash out of everything it is still best to wear darker colors

5.) Baby your skin for the next 12 hours after the tan, no workouts (anything that might make you sweat the tan off), no water on the skin (including bathing your kids, doing the dishes, careful washing your hands)

6.) Careful about strappy shoes. Wearing heels or strappy shoes that may rub on your feet or ankles can cause uneven processing of the tan and may result in streeky tan the next day

7.) Exfoliating the skin before you tan can help the tan last longer, no heavy lotions (light body moisturizer is fine)

8.) Touch up spray or lotions will help your tan last longer and is perfect for keeping your hands, face, and feet tan (they fade quicker then the rest of the body). Colour Couture or Infinity Sun Glow on the Go available online or at My Flawless Tan Kirkland, 15 Lake St Suite 105 Kirkland WA 98033 (425)-208-2284

The last question I get all the time is "What do I wear?" Women can wear anything or nothing depending on the tan lines that you may want or don't want. Men must wear something on the bottom (boxers, briefs, or shorts).

Clients are often concerned and nervous at first coming in and being naked in front of someone, however I can assure you that all of our staff makes you feel very comfortable and it goes so fast you will be in and out and bronzed in no time. All of our technicians are female and we are paying more attention to your Flawless Tan.

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