Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Week Before SeaGal Auditions

It is almost here...the week before auditions!!! What should you be doing this week to make sure you are totally prepared?

My personal recommendations....

Exercises/ Conditioning - It is time to do hill sprints! These increase your endurance quickly so that you are ready to dance over and over and over again without loosing your breath! They also help increase strength in your hip flexors, the main muscle that allows you to have nice high kicks. Sprints in general help tighten everything in your core and legs so that you are ready to put on your booty shorts!!!

Dance - If you went to the clinics then you know the style and got advise from Sherri about the kinds of things she is looking for. So now it is just a matter of keeping your neck in good shape for Semi-Finals round and practicing your chosen 8-counts that you plan on doing for the judges. If you are practicing and you get stuck, DONT STOP....step clap until you remember what you wanted to do. KEEP SMILING even in practice then it will be so natural to you that you wont have to think about it when you perform! Dont adjust your outfit during or after your dance.

Appearance - Practice in the outfit that you will be wearing during auditions to make sure that you are comfortable in it and you are not pulling or tugging at anything during the audition. Book your tanning appointments, buy your eye lashes (practice putting them on), practice your make-up for that day and pack a "touch-up kit" so that you can touch up your make-up before learning the Semi-Finals Routine. Remember NO LIP GLOSS so that your hair doesn't get caught and attach to your mouth as you are dancing.

Other Suggestions - Double check the times, location, and transportation for the day of auditions. Pack a light snack. Double check that your cell phone is turned off when you arrive for auditions. Finally...Stretch, Breath, HAVE FUN!!!!


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