Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Repairing My Sun Damage

My Sun Damage caused by my daily tanning bed appointments from my 20's is now showing up in my 30's!!! I started an airbrush tanning and makeup business...so it is no secret that I have a "vanity" gene. Well, I recently went to the dermatologist to have my skin looked at...everyone should do this regularly! I asked her what could be done about brown spots on my legs that only show up after I get a spray tan...then as the tan fades the spots fade. (abstaining from spray tanning is not an option for me...I am the color of a dead person naturally). She said that the spots are sun damage coming to the surface of the skin and the reason the tan attaches to them is because they are rough (not to the naked eye but when you look very closely at them). She said they can be removed by "freezing them off"...like you would a wart! Ummmm....that is scary, "Does it hurt?" I asked her. She said "It's not pleasant, but they just turn black and fall off in about 3 weeks". I thought about it for a while (they completely cover my lower legs and I hate them). So I decided if I am gonna do it, I am gonna document and share my experience with all my clients and anyone else who might be thinking about going in the tanning beds or laying in the sun.

Watch the video of the process.

Video of what she used to remove the damaged spots.

This is the first of many future postings to show you the before...during...and then future as this treatment hopefully gets better...then the END RESULT of flawless legs...LOL! The procedure was basically freezing my sun spots with a can of liquid nitrogen...looked a lot like whip cream in a can...it was not!!! It was like being stung by fire ants over and over and over!!! As you saw above in the "Before Picture" there are like hundreds of spots so this was an incredibly painful process. I am just telling myself that it will be worth it. My legs a few hours after the treatment start to swell into these red little lumps and blisters...still very painful, but tolerable. Now I just wait for them to turn black and start to flack off...attractive! I know what you are thinking....they looked better before. I know!!! But as the weeks go on, they will get even worse and then the end result will be amazing. It better be Soooo...as you watch me go thru this painful and expensive process, please remember that all of this could have been avoided if I had just listened to my mother and stayed out of the sun and tanning beds when I was a teen and in my 20's! Stay tuned to see how everything turns out....

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  1. There’s definitely truth in the saying, “It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” and your sun damage is proof of that. I like to think it’s because the treatment forces all of it to come out all at once so that the healing process can start sooner. It’s been a year since this post. How are your legs looking these days?

    -- Marc Bryan