Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Get your Make-up Professionally Done for your Wedding?...

Why have a professional make-up artist for your wedding?

1.) "The photos last a lifetime"...everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, but rarely think about how it will look in the photos they will treasure forever
2.) It is a less stressful day for everyone, and gives the bride and her bridal party a chance to relax and enjoy the day
3.) Everyone gets done on-time and all the looks are consistent
4.) The photographer has less touch-up work to do on the bride and bridal party if everyone starts out with flawless skin and bright eyes, blushing cheeks, and beautiful lips that makes every ones teeth look white

"Why not have a friend or one of the bridesmaids do make-up for everyone?"
This question comes up often and this is usually what I think about when I give advise to a bride...
You get to boss around someone who isn't your friend!!!
This allows you to get exactly what you want and not have a friend or bridesmaid stressed about getting everyone done on time as well as themselves.

Our team of airbrush make-up technicians are well trained and experienced in bridal make-up application to ensure that the look you want for the "Big Day" will be captured exactly the same and flawlessly on camera as well. Check out more photos and personal blogs for each of our staff members coming to My Flawless Make-up.

Make-up can look very different on camera...if you have ever taken a picture where you thought your foundation looked right but then in the photo it was a completely different color. Or you thought you had enough lip stick on but it gets completely lost when you see it in the pictures later.

Working with the photographers is part of the job of a professional make-up artist. Asking the questions...
Will you be taking photos outside?...
Is the photographer doing a lot of black and white photos?...
How long does the make-up need to last that day?

A professional make-up artist not only knows how to make you look your best, but also listens to what YOU want to look like and how YOU want to feel that day. Just applying make-up in the latest trends is not always the best approach for a look that should be timeless.

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