Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pretty Vain Radio

As Heard on KKNW Alternative Talk Radio....
Thats right, Flawless Beauty Bars are now part of a fabulous new radio show called Pretty Vain Radio! The show is all about Beauty and Fashion co-hosted by my friend and brusiness associate Chanel Prineas. Chanel owns Malibu Doll Swimwear, Wild Brunch Fashion Blog, and Tied Up hair ties...among other amazing future businesses not yet produced.
The idea of the show came from all my nights sitting with my girlfriends at happy hour talking over eachother, laughing about anything or nothing, and the subjects changing all the time but always centered around beauty, fashion, and boys. I wanted to let everyone behind the veil of "girl chat" and see what it is really all, fashion, celebrity, and boys. The show airs every week Thursdays at 1pm live on 1150AM KKNW or watch online ! We also post all our videos on You Tube and Facebook Page. We host guest who are the top in their industry...we talk about what is new in their industry what kinds of events or special offers are coming up for our listeners. We also get all the latest and greatest inside info for what is hot and current in beauty and fashion. Make sure to tune in next time for Pretty Vain Radio!!! Check out all the the info about the newest and latest for My Flawless Tan & Make-up on our website. More blogging in the near future, I promise!!!

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