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The Best Flawless Fitness in Seattle and Eastside

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Looking Flawless while get Fit!  I know myself and my clients are aware of how they look, so I decided to blog about fitness this time as part of our usual Beauty, Fashion, and Style in Seattle Blog.

Fitness is a big part of my life, but I have to be honest...I hate group workouts.  I have tried just about everything and they are always a good workout, but for some reason I cant get myself to go.

The only thing I really have ever totally enjoyed is running and personal training sessions.  After the "budget cuts" of 2008 ;) I had given up my personal training sessions and tried to keep it up on my own...failure.

This brings me to Fit and Flawless...I had tried Cross Fit group training in the past, not really for me (again, my issue with group fitness).  However, I did really like the exercises that they did during the Group Classes!  So I have now chosen to do personal training at the Cross Fit so that I get my training sessions and I get the great workout that Cross Fit provides.
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Here is the other part that I have to stress!!!!  I tan ladies all day long who have all these awful bruises and war wounds from their cross fit workouts (another reason why I was scared to do it)... from Kettle Bell Swings and Box Jumps and whatever else they have them doing...yikes.  I am way to vain for all of that, so I am happy to say that I don't have any bruises...yet:)

Of course my favorite part is when I get my Flawless Tan it just makes my small muscles that much more enhanced!  I can see a difference not only in my body, but also in my energy, my strength, and my overall health.  Everyday that I work out, I crave more healthy choices of food and it reduces my tendency to have wine and lay on the couch at night;)
I would recommend either Cross Fit Classes or Personal Training at Cross Fit 425 in Bellevue.

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Meet Tayo the 425 mascot.

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