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Pretty Vain - Do's and Dont's for Red Carpet Events

Pretty Vain Beauty Fahsion Entertainment

Pretty Vain on CliqVue TV - Sky Fall Private Screening

Part 1 - Rants and Raves

Chanel and Sequoia discuss Do's and Dont's for going to red carpet events in fashion and beauty...a little rant about a new reality show...and rave about the classic James Bond Girls and Cars.  Aston Martin and iPic Theaters.  iPic Theaters is an amazing place to go for a special movie...you can eat a delicious meal and have a drink during them movie.

My personal Rant about this episode...I need brighter lip stick!  Event the professionals mess up sometimes;)

James Bond Girls might all be classic beauties, but it is their names that make us laugh.  A few of our favorites on the list include...
  • Tiffany Case
  • Pussy Galore
  • Holly Goodhead
  • Plenty O'Toole
I don't know how the writers got away with some of these names, but I am glad they had a sense of humor about it...makes for something fun to talk about with each new Bond Movie!  

Red Carpet Do's and Don't's...
  • Wearing a colored bra under a sheer shirt that is sure to show thru with a single flash of a photographer...even if it doesn't show up in the lights of your own home it might on the red carpet and then it is immortalized on Facebook and Google images forever
  • Wearing heels that you are not comfortable walking in...make sure you practice walking in your heels before you wear them on the Red Carpet
  • Make sure your clothes fit properly...not too over-sized and more important not too tight or short for your body type.  Dress in something that flatters you
  • Don't try a make-up trend that doesn't flatter YOU just because it is hot and trendy at the time.  The best Red Carpet look is the one you feel most comfortable in.
New Reality Show - Silicone Valley Start-ups
Although good in concept and it probably will have great drama...it made me depressed!  All I was seeing were people with multiple degrees, millions of dollars, good looks, and successful businesses...I like seeing train wrecks when I go home after a long day.  I want something to entertain me and make me feel better about the silly things I do in my life...all I felt after watching 20 minutes of Silicone Valley Start-ups was that I needed to go back to work and blog some more.  Here I am!!!  (it must have worked)

Should we Care what our Pop Culture Icons Weigh?

Did Lady Gaga call Adele Fat?...or did her Twitter followers attack because Adele started to take over Lady Gaga's world wide record sales and statistics?  Is it considered bullying...???  When you are a public figure or celebrity is your outward appearance up for comment and judgement?

Kim Kardashion has a new body conscious line of clothing out available now in the UK and soon in the US.  “We embrace our body shape and body type and want to make clothes for women who have a more realistic body,” Kardashian said of the 100-piece collection, which includes plenty of body-conscious dresses and lace-adorned blouses that you could easily imagine the famously curvy sisters wearing.
“We are like a brand for our fans – we see what our fans are asking us for from our blogs and Facebook and Twitter. That gives us the ability to communicate so directly and we see they are really loving the brand and the line being made for curvy girls,” the reality star added.

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