Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tanning for SeaFair Weekend

SeaFair Weekend in Seattle -

SeaFair has offiacially started with the Tourchlight Parade the other night and now we get ready for the festivities!!!  Along with buying bikinis and beer...most girls get a tan, a pedicure, and a wax before the big weekend on the boats.

A couple tips to make sure your tan is flawless for SeaFair Parties...

1.) Get your pedicure and waxing appointments done before you come in for your airbrush tan (we recommend at least the day before your tanning appointment)

2.) Schedule your Flawless Tan appointment in advance.  It is one of the busiest weekends for us and we fill up fast and often have a very hard time moving around appointment times.  We recommend either Wednesday or Thursday (open 9am - 9pm) as the best days before the weekend.  Book ahead of time and just remember these appointments are pre-paid and non-refundable.  

3.) Exfoliate a couple days before your tan (you want your skin to be prepared nicely for your tan and this will help the tan go on evenly and stay longer

4.) Find an outfit for your tanning appointment that is loose fitting, darker colored, and light weight so you dont sweat.  I love maxi dresses and loose fitting flip flops.  No bra (it can leavea  tan line).  No sunglasses right after the tan either, they can leave a mark on your nose.

5.) Hats.  Hats are cute on a boat, but a really tight fitting baseball cap can leave a mark and maybe rub off the tan on your forhead depending on how much you sweat.  So I would stick with loose fitting hats or sunglasses instead.

6.) Buy a touch up lotion or spray to keep the tan looking flawless all the way to Sunday.  Normally it lasts beautifully without touching up, however that much sweat and water on the skin will naturally exfoliate the tan prematurely and you still want to look glowing on Sunday.  I recommend the spray at night and the lotion during the day.

7.) Sunscreen!!!  Use at least a 30 when you are on the water (50 for your face).  Keep reapplying it so that you dont get burned.  It will ruin your weekend, and your Flawless Tan will peel off funny the rest of the week:(

8.) Extra hydrating lotion at night (if you dont use a touch up spray).  I like Cetaphil.  It will help you hydrate your skin after being in the water and sun all day. Chances are you are drinking alcohol too, and that dehydrates your skin as well.  So lots and lots of water!!!

Those are my tips for a flawless tan for SeaFair.  Have fun, be safe, and we will see you later this week.  Post your SeaFair pics on Flawless Facebook page and we will do a drawing at the end of the weekend for a free Whish Tan Extender Lotion!

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