Thursday, June 27, 2013

Follow up on 'Dairy vs. My Skin'

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Dairy vs. My Skin - My skin wins!!!!!

If you have heard me talk about 'No Dairy' as a solution to acne...and if you have ignored is the time to listen.  Check it out.  This is just June 18th start date...after picture taken the morning of June 27th.

This is a blog to follow up on the 5 days I was giving my skin to improve after going off dairy, well I waited 8.  But the results were amazing!!!  As you may recall I was traveling and attending events and eating meals where it would have been rude to NOT eat what was served to me so I had a couple weeks of eating dairy, wheat, and meats that were not in my normal diet.  It caused my skin to flare up and break out and basically rebel against what I was putting in my body.

If you are reading this and you don't know me...I am 35 years old and I should not be having acne on my wrinkles!!!  So after I tried every single harsh product and $1000's of dollars in peels and facials.  I turned to nutrition as a solution.

clear up acneWhen I got home I went back to all my normal habits and routines...I must be clear that I didn't do a cleanse or a detox.  I don't like those and I don't believe in doing anything that I cant maintain.  So I just went back to my routine of no dairy or wheat and only fish...trying to get everything fresh and whole into my eating habits again.

This was the result:)

As a side note, I had blood work done and I am NOT'allergic' or 'sensative' or 'intollorant' of any dairy products, wheat products, or any meats.  I was totally low in ALL it isnt the actual food item, it is totally the way our American Food Industry creates them and what they are putting in them or the animal producing them.  There, jumping down off my soap box now.  Cheers to clear skin and a happy girl!

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  1. Great job, that is amazing! When you say "routine of no dairy or wheat and only fish", do you mean fish as your only source of protein? Or do you eat other mean/protein? I have cut almost all dairy except for occasional cheese and cottage cheese, but I want to get more strict with wheat also. Thanks!