Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Make-up Trends 2013 - Copper Smokey Eye

fall makeup 2013
Copper Metallic Smokey Eye

Make-up Looks for Fall 2013 - Trends and Tips

This year I have been seeing a new version of the Smokey Eye...the color is consistent almost the whole way up to the brow and really only one color is used.

This look is dramatic and modern, but very hard to pull off (keep it simple and extra blending will help).  It is usually done in one particular shade such as copper (shown here) or greys.  Metallic versions are often used as well.  The color is applied heavily close around the eye and then gradually fades out as you blend it to the brow.  This is similar to a traditional smokey eye, however usually there are at least three colors used in the smokey eye we are used to seeing.

This particular look using copper is beautiful with a bronzed contoured cheek (very little blush), heavy black eye liner, a nude peach lip, very heavy eye brows.
Blend a Smokey Eye Brush
1.) Use a Short Shader Brush MAC #213 works great for close around the to blend out the black liner into the heavy copper.  If you are using a metallic copper color you will want to pat the product on your eye lid so it doesn't fall on you lashes.  Blend using short back and forth strokes below the eye.

2.) The #217 MAC Blending Brush is a must have in any kit and works really well for blending out the heavier shadow from the lid up thru the crease.  You shouldn't need to switch brushes for the blending from the crease up to the brow at all, I would just continue to blend (don't add any more product or it will end up too heavy in the crease)

Personally I think the heavy dramatic eye like this doesn't need any false lashes and should go with a very sleek hair style.  It speaks for itself and doesn't nee much else.

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