Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Perfect Glitter Holiday Eye - Smokey Bronzed Eye Makeup

glitter eye makeup

Holiday Trend 

The Glitter Bronzed Smokey Eye

I recently did one of my favorite holiday looks and wanted to share some of the basic techniques for appling it so the makeup will stay and look polished all night.  Everyone loves a smokey eye with a twist....add glitter!

1.) First rule of putting on glitter eye makeup -
Apply to the eye lid first...because you will end up needing to clean up all the glitter fall down below the eye.  Glitter is sometimes really hard to get off the skin completely and it stays in my makeup brushes forever so I avoid using them too.

I have started to use a mini lint roller on my cheeks when I have glitter fall down, lol.  A slightly damp mascara wand works too.  

2.) Use eye primer (my favorite is MAC Paint Pot in Painterly) and while it is still tacky place the glitter on the lid with a flat synthetic brush and press it onto the eye, never use a fluffy brush to swipe it on.  It will get everywhere and you wont get the look you are going for anyway.
flawless holiday makeup look
3.) Go easy on the inner corner of the eye.  Not only is glitter super uncomfortable when it gets in your eyes (or worse your contacts), but it also can catch light funny in pics and look harsh and funny.  It is best to end it at the lash line and use a
or sheen to brighten the inner corner of the eye if that is the desired look.

4.) Eye Liner - Use a gel liner and and angle brush.  Press the liner into the lash line without dragging it across the lash line.  This will ensure that it does not mess up the glitter and the brush will likely not get covered in the glitter.

Product List - 

  • MAC Holiday Pigment combo collection on the lid
  • MAC Brown Down in the crease used very lightly
  • MAC Fluid Line applied with an angle brush 
  • Naked Palette Original - a mix of the golds and browns smudge out the bottom liner

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