Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teens Tan for Twenty

My Flawless Tan & Make-up is launching a new program to get our youth out of the tanning beds. After reading a disturbing article in the Seattle Times about Tanning Beds being as dangerous as other carcinogens like smoking and arsenic, I decided I must find a way to educate our teenagers (mostly girls) on other options. First I must make it affordable and second I must make it fun. I have an agreement that is signed with the parent stating they will stay out of the tanning beds during the school year. Each person who signs up gets a organic lip gloss form Amour and at the end of the program in July 2010 a name is drawn for a $300 gift certificate to Nordstroms. The tans are $20 each or they can elect to tan unlimited for $50/ month. I am excited to help save our young generation from the tanning beds and show them there are beautiful, easy, and natural looking options to have a tan. Check out more as this program develops at www.myflawlesstan.com

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