Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Networking

This is sort of a business entry, but I like to discuss my plans in hopes of getting feedback and maybe helping someone else out there working on the same sort of thing.

I have recently looked into a couple different wedding industry network groups, and found that while they are a blast...I am not very good at putting my contacts to practical use. The newest of these groups is determined to teach us (members) how to make better use of our time at these events, novel idea. If they can pull that off I will be their biggest fan.

This year during the "off" wedding season I am determined to better connect with my fellow wedding industry professionals and make practical use of those contacts. What I have learned so far... ***Contacts are useless if you don't use them, and all the twittering, blogging, website updates, and facebook announcements are doing me no good unless I have an audience (the right audience). Along with posts about current events in Seattle and on the Eastside having to do with beauty...I plan to track the success of these suggestions given to me and my opinion on them in general.

Blogging is the first suggestion that was given to me. Done!

Next is Wedding Wire and The Knot. Sounds like these are free places to announce your business and list your services for potential clients. I like the free part the best, now I will try it out and see if I can get any results.

Constant Contact will be my next goal. I plan to contact my "contacts" every so often to let them know of certain events going on in the area or just to ask how things are going for them.

Reviews, reviews online can be extremely helful to clients who are seeking your services and I plan to be much better at asking for these reviews from clients and collegues.

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