Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Must Haves

Lashes - If you are planning on adding a little pizzazz to your make-up routine for holiday parties this year, add false eye lashes. You dont have to look like Tammy Faye or Cher. False lashes come in many sizes and shapes now and they are affrodable. Don't get 'sold' by the MAC counter or Sephora on $15 lashes. Buy them at Walgreens or Rite Aid in the yellow or pink packages by Ardell. These are the favorites used by make-up artists everyhwere...and if that isn't enough reason...Oprah herself loves yellow package #62. Although you cant get much better than "brown paper packages tied up with string..." here are a few of my favorite things for the holidays.

Lip Scrub - Sara Happ makes a fantastic sugar lip scrub that comes with an equally fantastic lip moisturizer. Not only are they darling for stocking stuffers and they come in cute little packaging, but they work really really well. Winter time is the dry lips season. How unattractive are dry, flaky lips when you are trying to apply lip stick and gloss. Gross. Use the lip scrub and lip slip right before bed to give your lips a chance to heal. Use the lip scrub right before you apply your make-up for a night out and your lips will stay kissable all night (plus it is much easier to apply your lip stick and gloss).

Sunless Tan - Of course what holiday dress would be complete without a little glow to the skin. It is winter and a crazy fake and bake look is not what we are after, however we also should not look like the Cullens. Airbrush tanning looks natural and the color can be completely customized. Chek out the video and more information at the website

What is Airbrush you can see for yourself.

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