Sunday, April 3, 2011

SeaGal Audition Workshops

The first SeaGal Workshop is coming up on April 9th and if you have not auditioned before and you don't know about the workshops..."they are an absolute MUST"! You can get more information about them here on the Seahawks Website. There are 3 workshops scheduled...
11:00am - 12:30pm
Saturday April 9th
Saturday April 15th
Sunday April 16th

At the workshops Sherri Thompson, SeaGal Director will teach a dance similar to one of the auditions routines. She will talk to you about the process, what you will be judged on, and what the expectations are.

My biggest piece of advise, besides to ATTEND them is to dress and look like you are going to the actual audition. It may sound silly since you are not being "judged" at the workshop, but you truly perform better when you look and feel the part. Plus it is just extra practice at putting on the proper make-up, lashes, hair, tan, and attire.

Suggestions about hair....wear your hair down at least to one of the workshops so you can practice dancing with your hair down, because it may be your best look and you are going to want to wear it like that to finals.

If you are having trouble with your look or want specific guidance, I recommend looking thru the photos of the ladies who are on the SeaGal squad now and then talking to a professional. Referrals for hair, make-up, tanning, photography, and attire can be found on our website My Flawless . There are specific specials exclusively for SeaGals on the home page. They are all trusted referrals who I work with personally.

Keep checking the website for SeaGal Exclusive Special Offers as well as upcoming videos of lash application and other beauty tips.

Next post will be about some of my favorite exersises to get help get you ready quickly for workshops and auditions!

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