Friday, April 1, 2011

SeaGal Make-up Tips for Photography Session

If you make it to the finals round of the SeaGal Auditions you will have your photo taken for the website in the Authentic SeaGal Promo Jacket. These photos are generally on the website for several weeks after the team is chosen. You want to look your very best in these photos, as Sherri and the other judges will be looking at them during the entire weekend of auditions.

We talked about primers last time to make sure your make-up lasts as you are dancing...this time we are going to talk about colors and placement to ensure that you look good close up as well as stand out from far away. This is the essence of SeaGal make-up and it is very important to distinguish it from "Club Make-up" and "Stage Make-up"

Eyes - You want your eyes to pop and the colors of eye shadow you choose can dramatically enhance the color of your eyes. For example, purples look amazing on green eyes and peachy browns look amazing on blue eyes.
MAC Shadow Suggestions -
Hoax - plumb color for the crease
Soft Brown - peachy brown for crease
Sushi Flower - bright pink for crease for those who like extra color
Carbon - this is a must for the corner of the eye (black matte)
Emabark & Handwritten - are great to bring the corner into the crease a little without being TOO dark.
Naked Lunch & Phloof - great light shimmer colors for the lid, DO NOT USE below the brow bone, they are too shimmery for that and will catch the light of the camera

Think shimmer NOT GLITTER!!! Think dewy skin not matte, and not shiny.

Black Eye Liner on both the top and bottom will make your eyes stand out from far away. Thicker on the outer corner of the eyes will help your eyes look bigger and a little wider apart.

Foundation should be a thicker foundation meant for performance make-up. MAC makes Studio Fix which is fantastic and Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation and Powder is amazing as well.

Concealer under the eyes with extra blot powder under the eye will help you avoid your liner and mascara from transferring to below your eye.

Lip Liner and Lip Stick, NO LIP GLOSS unless you have very short hair and there is no chance it will end up in your face!

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