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Makeup Must Haves - Celebrity Makeup Aritsts

red carpet makeup tricks

Must Haves from an Academy Awards Make-up Artist –

These are some of the products used by the most 'in demand' makeup artists in Hollywood.  I have added my humble opinions to it and why you should have it when it is time to be "Red Carpet Ready".  

    Body Bling and Jennifer Lopez
  1. Straws – brilliant!!!  I am immediately adding this to my Bridal Makeup Kit, although maybe not as glamorous as The Oscars, it is just as important to at least one girl!!!!...Therefore it is important for me to have it for herJ
  2. Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid – that name is too long so I would never have that in my case.   However I did find a favorite product that does the exact same thing, Body Bling.  (sold at Flawless Beauty Bars $42 or mini for $20) This gives any exposed skin a golden, healthy glow, and camouflages any imperfections or unintended tan lines.  
  3. Lashes – It sounds simple and obvious, but having several different kinds of lashes when going on-site for any make-up job is a must.  You never know who else might want them added to their look or what kind of look they will finally decided on.  Or if you drop one with the glue on it face down on the floor…grossL  good to have a back up.  (or maybe when you are trimming them, you cut the wrong end of the lash and it is really really long on the inner corner of the eye…smh)
    1. essential makeup brushes
      1. Some favorites are Ardell #116, Demi #120, #111, and #53 for a more subtle look
  4. Extra brushes – makeup brushes can be cleaned in-between clients, but sometimes you are in a major rush to get people ready and if you can just grab a second set of already clean brushes….you might just end up being the hero that day.  

  1.  Tide Pen – this has come in handy on several occasions.  Someone is always spilling something on a garment, and it works wonders.  It is so small and lasts forever, I just pop it in my kit and forget about it until there is a disaster and then I look really super prepared!

All of these essential items go along with one of my favorite quotes, and I don’t even know who it is from so I can’t give a reference.  “Luck follows the Prepared”.  I use this in every aspect of my life, which is exactly why I have to check my luggage rather then carry it on!

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