Monday, March 4, 2013

The Makeup Show - Overview

Los Angeles Makeup Show

The Make-up Show - Los Angeles

I was in Los Angeles for the weekend attending The Makeup Show, a large trade show and conference that brings hundreds of makeup vendors and professionals in the industry together.  This is the first event like this I have ever been to and so I was kinda nervous about what to expect.
Best Makup Products
It was so overwhelming and intimidating the first day...I felt like I didn't even know where to begin.   I sort of stood there for a minute, head spinning starting at what was going on and trying to remember exactly what I was there to find.

Celebrity Makeup ArtistMy intentions were...

            1. Get continuing advanced education from elite celebrity makeup artists (I never have access to in the Northwest)
            2. Find professional grade products for my teams makeup kit that I would not have much access to in the Northwest (hard to buy this stuff online)
            3. Find wholesalers who can supply Flawless with  unique and fabulous products to sell to our consumer that you cant find at Sephora.                                                                                                  

I accomplished 2 out of 3.  Education....both advanced and basic was fabulous and fascinating.  The instructors had so many great new techniques and products and tools for us, and they were so open to questions!  The workshops only had about a dozen people in them so it was very 'hands on' and interactive.  I took two classes 'Complexion and Contouring'  and 'Red Carpet Beauty'.

Before and After Makup LooksComplexion and Contouring - 

Based all about how to color match people absolutely perfectly!!!!  How to correct any problem areas on any one's skin, and all the tools and techniques that are used to create that absolute flawless perfect look you see on a Lancome Billboard add.  It was amazing how simple the theories are and how little actual makeup was used and it was all about technique and placement.  At the end of the day it is all about perfect skin and absolute beauty.

Before and After Makeup Red Carpet Beauty -

This class also focused on the theory of 'less is more' placement and fixing problems.  Contouring the eyes to make they into the desired shape.  Brows and lashes...another amazing technique used was the application of lash glue to the lash line and then the lash is applied over the glue.  Did I just blow your mind?!?!?!?!  :)

Unfortunately it was not the right place to find products that I can sell in my studio...good news, I get to keep coming to LA to find exactly what I want to have at Flawless!!!  I am still on a mission to find the best products we love to try and experience and then buy at Flawless Beauty Bars!

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