Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My First Lesson - Aerial on Silks

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Aerial Lessons - (Apparently its Not Just about the Makeup)

I have been working with an amazing company called Animated Objects in Motion for over a year now.  They specialize in 'bringing life to your party' by providing aerialists and stilt walkers, fire breathers, go-go dancers, jugglers, among many other talents.  Flawless Beauty Bars has had the privilege of doing their makeup...we get to collaborate on all kinds of crazy amazing looks that are romantic and mystical!  It is such a cool outlet for us to have some creativity.

Recently I have become so impressed and intrigued with the aerialists who perform on the silks (or fabric)!  I finally felt like I was strong enough to do it and learn.  Today was my first lesson....

This was so difficult, but I am so excited to learn more and get better... I had so much fun and I am totally addicted and sold, however....it did seem really tough for the small outcome of just a couple simple moves.  I guess I have a long way to go with my strength and flexibility, but you better believe that this will give me a great reason to get some new outfits and 'attire' so I look cute while I train!

I will have 'Crossfit' outfits and now I will 'aerial' outfits;)

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