Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Perfect Shoe for Europe

The Perfect Shoes for Touring Europe -

I am trying to find the perfect flat shoe to take to Europe with me on my fabulous, 18 day trip with my mom.   When I went to Italy I went with one pair of shoes that worked ok for the first couple days, but ended up buying cute leather loafers when I was there.  They were actually very comfortable from the very beginning…but I am too worried to do that this time, I want to break them in before I go.

perfect flats
I bought a pair of Drivers recently and have been trying to break them in by wearing them around the house and to work.  I think I need to wear them with socks tho cause they are still bothering me around the top of my big toe.  Does anyone else have this problem?  For a girl who is used to only heels and running shoes this is gonna be tricky. 

I already returned a pair of boat shoes, they just looked too frumpy for me???  Any good suggestions?  I got one suggestion, however it was for a brand that was $400, not my budget anymore! 

I have a pair of ballet flats, but they always hurt at my heel…they are good for a couple of hours like if I am going to the farmers market….but I cant seem to find a pair comfortable enough for 8 hours of walking around cobblestone streets.

perfect summer sandalsI also bought a pair of flat sandals that I can wear with dresses and a little bit more trendy for my days in Paris and LondonJ   These have been much easier to break in and I bought them as just a back up, but they might turn into my main shoe!!!!

My goal for this trip  is to not look like a tourist!  I have heard that the shoes are a good place to start.  I tend to over dress for everything in the US and since it seems that most people in Europe dress up a little more I might be able to fit in a little (aside from the map and annoying carry-all strapped across my body).

Speaking of hand bags, I have a small Coach bag that goes across the body (hands free)….but I am kind of thinking that I want something a little bigger???  Might have to go on Zappos to see what they have.  I picture something that maybe has room for a water bottle, my phone, a map, some lip gloss, my money, ID, and sunglasses.  (That is another blog)

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