Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heel Hight - What is the right heel height for you

Miss USA
Recently when I was at the Miss USA pageant... I was checking out the 6 inch or higher heels the ladies were prancing around in. I am a heel lover, have been my whole life! Made me think why can some girls walk so easy in their heels and others haw trouble... Is it the shoe itself?... The way it fits?... Or the way you walk?...

I then watched the Miss Hooters International Pageant....they were not as graceful in thier heels and it was super noticeable! 

Here is what I found out and some suggestions about how to shop for your next pair of heels!

  1. When trying on heels you want to be able to stand in them and lift your heel out of the back of the shoe at least 1 inch.  That will ensure that you are able to walk in them properly.

  1. When you walk, you should still be able to walk heel toe heel toe....dont bend your knees and walk flat footed...itjust looks awkward.
    Platform Heel
  3. If you have to wear heels for a long day, then a platform is actually much more comfortable because it is less of an angle for your foot and it has padding for the ball of your foot.
  4. Get the soles of the heels repaired often, it will save the shoe and keep them soft and comfortable.
  5. If you feel like you are slipping around on a pair of shoes....for a quick fix spray glue or hairspray works great.  For a permanent fix have the soles made into a rubbery looks the same but is much much easier to walk in
  7. Get the heel cap replaced often.  The sound of the nail in the bottom of the heel hitting concrete or wood is awful not to metion it will ruin your shoes and maybe someones floor.  It is a cheep, quick, and easy repair.  My favorite spot is Baily's Shoe Repair in Kirkland.

Lower Heel Height no Platform Starter Heels
Last little comment, I am obessesd with Zappos.  I usually am able to get a shoe from there quicker then if I had to go to Nordstroms in Bellevue.  The shipping is free and always overnight, and they have free returns!!!  My favorite!!!!

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