Monday, June 4, 2012

Senior Portraits - Summer time is the best time

Susan Stockman Photography

Senior Picture Time.....

Done with your Junior Year in a week?...well then it is time to start thinking about your senior portraits!  Senior Portraits are a chance to capture several looks that really define who you are... and the summer time is the perfect time, with the beautiful weather and all the gorgeous natural backdrops in Washington.

What to do to prepare for your Senior Portraits and what to look for in a photographer. 

    Susan Stockman Photography
  1. Find a good Photographer....I have worked with a few, and some have a really unique approach to finding photos that are perfect for YOU!  One of my favorites to work with is...Susan Stockman (photos seen here in this blog).
  2. I would always recommend trying to schedule a couple differnet days just in case the weather doesnt hold.  You are gonna want a couple shots outside, cause natural light is the very best light
  3. Make sure you have a plan of locations and travel time so that you dont waist a lot of valueable shooting time
  4. Bring many different outfits, but have an idea of what you want to wear and try them all on at home first (try and pick things that dont wrinkle easily cause you might have to keep them in the car for an extended amount of time)
  5. Get your hair and make-up done.  I realize everyone is on a budget and you have to choose what you are going to spend your money on.  I say hair and make-up because the photos are going to last a long long time and likely going to be posted everywhere (facebook, twitter, instagram, yadda yadda) and you want them to look flawless.  Plus it will likely save you money in the long run, becasue there is much less touching up that has to be done post-shoot work.
  6. Practice your smile in the mirror.  As silly as that will really help the day you get your photos done.  Everyone has a "good" side and a look that they love...practice that so that you have many many excellent shots to choose from.
  7. Picking out looks in magazines or on Pinterest will be super helpful as well and then you have something to share with the stylist and photographer who will be helping you.
Susan Stockman Photography on location

When choosing outfits, hair, and make-up...obviously this is giong to be very different for everyone.  Think about how you see yourself everyday, you dont want to look totally different then how you look each day.  Keep it fresh and soft...harsh edges to make-up and hair tend to look dated.

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