Tuesday, June 26, 2012

High Def Makep-up - Tips from the DCC

High Defenition Make-up... different for High Def Photos or Video...but some of the rules are important for everyone all the time.

For those of you who have no idea what the DCC is... where have you been???  Just kidding.  It is the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and they are amazing.  They are beautiful and talented and a lot of hard work goes into what the end up putting on the field.                                        Recently a friend of mine auditioned for the team and she made it far enough to get the "memo" about make-up tips for the girls when they are seen constantly on the giant high defenition screen in the center of Cowboys Stadium.   There was a lot of basic information in the "Make-up Tips" memo, but some stuff that surprised me a little. 

I am so curious all the time about make-up suggestions given in the entertainment world, so this was so fun for me to read and think about....


DCC Make-up Tips for Finals

  • Video broadcasting tends to show colors in a more violet tone. Avoid lip colors that are too beige or plum as your lips will appear dead purple on the screen.
    • (I actually didnt know this about Video, but I am glad I do now! - Sequoia)
  • Video makes bright colors appear to glow. Avoid lip colors that are too bright, such as bright corals and hot pinks
    • (Soft pinks with a little bit of berry to deepen them show really well - Sequoia)
  • Choose lip colors that are vivid and matte.
    • (I am a huge fan of matte lips, I think it looks elegant and soft and still gives the lips definition - Sequoia)
  • Avoid dark colors and too much shimmer. No extreme Show-Girl lashes. Your makeup should be glamorous, as it would be for an appearance, with a kick. Remember your face will be seen on a 60-yard screen. If you look overdone in person, it’s over exaggerated on the big screen. 
    •  (This idea is competely different to what I have always thought about performance make-up, however not team has to be seen on that huge screen - Sequoia)
  • No glitter on the eyes or face.
    • (Glitter on the face can make someone look old even in person...avoid shimmer and glitter on the face always! - Sequoia)
  • Shimmer shadows are best used as an accent. With all of the bright lights in the stadium, too much shimmer can reflect out the contour of the eyes making them appear puffy. 
    • (I am always a little leary of the idea that light color or shimmer on the inner corner of the eye brightens it...sometimes I see that on screen or in person and it just looks strange it doesnt help the look at all it just looks "made up". - Sequoia)
  • Blend, blend, blend your eye shadow! Harsh eye shadow lines in person are horrible on the big screen.
    • (This is one of the best rules in the set!!!  Blending your eye shadow and your blush and bronzers really well gives such a fabulous polished look to your make-up.  It takes away the "made-up" look that lots of people feel like they have with make-up and just enhances all thier features...you stop seeing the make-up and you just see the face! - Sequoia)
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  • Match your face makeup to your chest. The bright lights will make a pale face paler. 
    • (Matching your face make-up to your chest is a good rule for everyone.  Matching it to your neck and you will ALWAYS have too light of a face foundation...try to avoid the tendancy to want to have a tan face compared to your chest or shoulders...if you want to look a little tanner in photos then how you appear in person, add self tanner or Body Bling to your shoulders, color bone, decollete, and then you can have a more bronzed look on your face. -Sequoia) 
  • Don’t over contour your face. Keep blush placement on the apples of the cheeks. Your look should be fresh and vibrant.
    • (Kim K would not like this rule...probably wont be a DCC member anytime soon;)  I actually like a very contoured cheek, but I can understand where it would end up looking to harsh on a screen that size.  Again I think that blending is the key and choosing the right contour colors...not too much highlight when contouring either.  A little of the light on the upper cheek bones goes a long ways. - Sequoia)
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