Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...Im the most Fabulous of the All!

Mirror Lounge is opening this week Thursday May 31st in downtown Bellevue, and we are so excited to being one step closer to having a "night life" on the Eastside.  I realize that many cities would laugh at my attempt to say that Bellevue has a nightlife, but we are getting close.

We have a comedy club now...The Parlor!...Like a dozen good bars for happy hour or dinner...a few places for music and dancing...and now there is a good place to go for a swanky atmosphere.

Part of what I love about going to Vegas, LA, or San Fransisco is that there is a huge selection of bars to have a drink with your girlfriends where you have a reason to get dolled up and meet your girlfriendsand people watch.  Admit it, that is the best part of going out is to check out everyone else! 

Mirror and all of it's soft seating and lounge areas allows for you and your friends to hang out but keep an eye out for everything else going on in the bar.  Love that!!!   In order to get a table you will need to buy tickets online right is where.

The grand opening is going to be fabulous...not only because the event is put on by my girlfriend Chanel and we all know she can throw a party.  But also because of the celebrity guest joining the club that night.  Carmen Electra!!!  Get more information and RSVP at Mirror Facebook Page.
Chanel and Sequoia

There will be 200 swag bags with all kinds of fabulous discounts and products.  Plus a step and repeat sponsored by Dom Perignon and your very own Flawless Beauty who doesn't love a photo on the red carpet.  I go to events just for that reason alone!

Its not gonna be nice weather so you might as well go somewhere fun and beautiful inside, get a drink, and enjoy a big party!

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