Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Golden Globes 2013 Best and Worst

Golden Globes 2013- Best and Worst In My Opinion

Jodi Foster Red Carpet LookI watched the entire Golden Globes this year...actually first time ever.  Even watched "Best Score" what a boring category...not that they aren't talented...but boring.  Mostly I needed a distraction from that horrible Seahawks game against Atlanta that I still can't talk about.  (moving on)

I loved Jodi Foster's look this year, I thought for the 'Over 40' category she looked fresh and stunning and absolutely flawless makeup.  I love it when celebrities dress and have makeup appropriate for their age and style...if it isn't wont look like You.

I loved Heidi Klum and her jewelry and makeup for this awards show.  Sometimes she takes the dresses too short and the hair too harsh.  I thought she looked amazing for this red carpet.  Much softer.
Best Jewelry Makeup Looks for Red Carpet
Jessica Alba was another favorite, which was strange for me because I usually don't like bright lips.  This was just another really soft pretty look.  I loved the color of this dress too...a little pageant like, but I loved it.

On to my least favorite looks of the night...Lena Dunham and Halle Berry.  This is crazy to me too, cause Halle Berry is almost always on my Favorites list. 

I just felt like I loved this dress from the waist down, but the right boob looks huge and totally disproportionate to the left side.  I don't know if they needed to make it more blousey or less, but it didn't work and it was all I could look at...haha.

The worst of the night for me was Lena Dunham...she looked totally uncomfortable and awkward in every way.  And the dress itself wasn't very attractive or unique in any way.  It looked like a horrible Bridesmaid material with a Mother of the Bride Color and a Pageant Neckline...yuk.  Not to mention the very worst part of it was that she looked like she hated being in it, every time she moved was awkward and distracting.  Not worth it to wear a dress that makes you look that uncomfortable!!!

 Moral of the story, dress for your own personal style, keep it soft and timeless after 40 years old!  Have someone teach you to walk in a dress and heels or don't wear them;)


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