Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Get a Natural Looking Spray Tan

FAQ's Airbrush Tanning

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Question:   Will my spray tan look natural?
Answer:     Yes, if you come and see us at Flawless Beauty Bars or take the following precautions when you get your spray tan
  • Make sure you have properly exfoliated your skin
  • Hydrate the extremely dry areas of your skin with body moisturizer (elbows, knees, hands, feet, and the back of the heels)
  • Remove Makeup and Deodorant (they can be a barrier to the tan or cause a funny color temporarily)
  • Pick a shade that is not too dark for you skin color.  Light medium or level 2 usually looks great on everyone.  Lighter on the face especially around the mouth and nose area will keep the tan from giving you a mustache.
  • Add a little lotion to your hands and feet after the spray tan, this will even out the tan in those areas and make them look flawless. 
  • Always wear a shower cap over your hair
  • Always wipe off your palms and bottom of your feet
  • Wear loose fitting darker colored clothing so as not to cause lines or rubbing off of the spray tan
  • Make sure you are completely covered up so that you don't get rain drops on your skin to make you look spotted

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