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Trends of 2013 SAG Awards

Trends from the 2013 SAG Awards 

The red carpet events in Hollywood are my favorite place to see new trends.  As much as I love Fashion Week in NY and locally, this for me is the best way to see how these fabulous looks appear in person and with a full look put together.

I like choosing my favorite necklines, backless dresses, hair styles, makeup, age appropriate looks, and overall appearance.  Maybe one day I will watch the actual Awards Show.

I love the neckline in this dress.  It has a little "Dynasty" feel to it, but that makes it even better!  I love the a hint of the 80's and fabulous maybe she is just going down the grand staircase for dinner.

One of the first trends I noticed was the side swept hair on everyone.  Seems that the part on most of the ladies hair is much further over.  I think it is beautiful and a little 'old Hollywood glam' inspired.  It is nicely pulled over one shoulder which photographs flawlessly.

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Flawless Makeup Seattle

The next trend that I noticed over and over were dresses that are long sheer fabric with a short mini dress under neath.  Lots of lacy patterns over a short mini.  Cute...not my style, but it was everywhere.
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We will continue thru awards season to bring you the latest styles and all our favorite red carpet looks.  As always, finding out all the tips and tricks the celebrities use to keep their makeup, hair, and dresses looking flawless!

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