Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Favorite Smokey Eye - most popular request

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Why I Love This Smokey Eye 

The most common request when someone comes in for makeup application or a makeup lesson with me is for a more dramatic smokey eye.

I love doing this look, it is probably my favorite.  I think it looks good on just about everyone and it is dramatic and pretty without being too trendy or harsh.

Although there are several 'interpretations' of a smokey eye, this is by far the most popular look that people want to try to achieve.

The elements that make it great...

  • a matte color under the brow to highlight the brow bone, it doesn't shine too much or catch the light when photographed
  • a matte color in the crease, soft brown in this look is warm and doesn't shimmer so it keeps the look fresh and youthful
  • a slight sheen to the lid so there is a little pop of goldish pink that fades into a light inner corner
  • a dark matte color in the corner that blends really nicely into the eye liner
  • black eye liner that lines both the waterline and the outside of the eye without smudging it too much so it wont fall below and make you look like you have a black eye
  • lots and lots of lashes and mascara
Always make sure that you apply your false eye lashes last so that the makeup doesn't fall onto the top of the lashes.  Apply mascara on the bottom first and then then top.  The bottom of the eye is easier to clean then the top if you accidentally transfer your mascara.

Cant wait to see all of your favorite smokey eye looks.  You can do so much with them without making them too harsh or dramatic.

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