Monday, May 28, 2012

My Vegas Looks

Christina Clark - Miss Washington

Boos, Betting, and Beauty Queens-

What to wear and my style in Vegas...this trip is some work and some fun. I will be doing make-up for Christina Clark our very own Miss Washington representative...I blogged about that before, and lots more to come!   It is super hot in Vegas but we are inside for 90% of the time....sooooo that leaves some challenges with trying to figure out what to wear and how to do my make-up and hair.

Best of Miss USA

First of all...I am a fan of some make-up at the pool and lightly styled hair.  I am not a fan of baseball hat and bare face.  (Not at 34 years old unless you have completely flawless skin and stand out features).  Here are the few things that are a beauty must for me before a trip to Vegas...
  1. Flawless Airbrush Tan - obviously
  2. Tinted Brows - mine are super blond so I need them to be darker to frame my face
  3. Threading - I get my whole face threaded because I don't like the little baby blond hairs
  4. Brazilian - obviously
  5. Hair Color - I am bleach blond so I always get the same kinda color, but if you are more brunette you may want to get very subtle highlights
  6. Lash Extensions - I wrote about this in my last blog..they are necessity for me
  7. Pedicure - never go on any vacation without getting your toes done...and if you are too busy go to the airport early and get them done in the airport.  Butter London!

Nude Shoes from Michael Kors

That is my list of beauty treatments that I will be scheduling over the next week before my trip.  Now there are a few fashion requirements too when you go down there...
  1. Nude Shoes - any kind, wedges, strapy heels, peep toe patent leather, whatever but you need nude heels
    Sun Qt Zebra Long
  3. Flowy looks - dress or shirt or skirt...something in a silk chiffon style fabric
  4. Sunglasses - as my girl Chanel told me not white, but a beige or light pair of glasses (everything is very light and breezy this year)

  5. Swimwear and Cover -up - You know I will be bringing 1 swim suite and probably 3 cover-ups because they are my favorite part of being at the pool!!!  And I finally get to show them off.
    All White
  7. White - I love all white outfit, anything shorts and a button down top, dress, pants and a tank.  Anyting all white and then accessorize with color

Here is a list of the must buy or bring for my skin and hair...
  1. Bronzer Bronzer Bronzer - I like to have a face bronzer with no shimmer in it for my cheeks and hair line and a bronzer for my body with a a little shimmer for my shins and color bones
  2. Self Tanner - even though I get a spray tan before I leave I usually touch up the tan before I go to bed each night just on my decollete and shins and face
  3. Peachy lip moisturizer - this will keep my lips hydrated and give me a little color
  4. Sunscreen - you need sunscreen all the time when walking around or at the pool
  5. Moisturizer - I even shave with hair conditioner to keep my skin hydrated...all of that recycled air conditioning and alcohol will dry out all your skin
There will be more blogs about some of these products and services that I get done as I get prepared.  Make sure to check out the blog about is the best one to see a before and after!
Sun Qt Full Skirt

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