Monday, May 20, 2013

1920's Makeup - The Great Gatsby

classic 1920's makeupThe Great Gatsby Makeup -

I was recently inspired by the return of The Great Gatsby, I have been obsessing over 1920's makeup.  I have always loved this decade because it was total excess in every way!  The makeup was fabulous, the clothes and accessories were over the top and everyone just seemed to party all the time.

I was invited to a Great Gatsby themed event and so I started to think about my outfit and makeup and hair style...these are the few things that I made note of that are obvious to this decade.
    1920's makeup
  1. Headband or Hair Accessories
  2. Lots and lots of jewelry (pearls and jewels)
  3. Deep plum red lips in an over dramatic pout
  4. Heavy and defined eye brows that extended way past the traditional angles we use for shaping currently
  5. Extremely angled features (lots of contouring)
  6. Heavy on the eye liner, but in a circle not an almond shape or wing like you see in later styles

Great Gatsby style
So I got my outfit put together and started on the makeup and hair.  I have long hair, which was not common in this era so I had to thing of a crafty way to shorten it and make it stay...Enter Sock Bun!  But this time I did it to the side and kept it a bit messy.  My side bangs I loosely curled and brushed out completely and then sprayed so they sort of formed Finger Waves.   Hair, done!

Great Gatsby Makeup beforeMakeup was the next challenge, because I love my eyes to be almond and winged out at the make them into a deep dark smoky circle was torture. 

Starting with the contour and then the brows I had the basics and moved onto the eyes.  (In this kind of makeup it might be best to do the eyes before the foundation so you have less to clean up)

Eye makeup is basically dark eggplant on the lid or black, with a shimmer of peacock color over the dark to give it a sheen.  Follow this all the way around the eye, well below the lower liner as well.  Then blend with a neutral color all the way almost to the brow.  Make sure to let it be rounded in the outer corner.

I hope you all get a chance to experiment with different decade makeup, it is so much fun and researching what was popular in that era is fascinating!


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