Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whats Hot for the 4th of July

Top Looks for Independence Day...

How to do a Summer Red Lip1.) The Red Lip - this is a popular trend for 4th of July, because it gives a pop of color to you makeup look.

  • Keep the eyes simple with lots of lashes and maybe black liner 
  • Add a pop of candy apple red blush but apply very conservatively (just as if someone pinched your cheek)
  • Use a clear wax lip liner to keep the red from feathering
2.) Bronzed Babe - a medium airbrush tan to give you a glow will compliment any summer dress, with a little body bling on the shoulders and shins and a touch of bronzer on the forehead and across the cheeks and nose

  • Dont go too dark with your airbrush tan, because it will fade unnaturally 
  • Put shimmer body lotion (my favorite is Body Bling by Scott Barnes) only on the areas that wont touch your clothes or other people
  • Use a matte face bronzer only in the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face (forehead, across the nose and cheeks, and a touch on the chin)
3.) Denim - I like just one piece in denim...denim top and bottom is way too much in my opinion, but I do love a strapless denim dress!  (the denim shorts witht he pockets hanging out the bottom...even though it is the trend right now, I think you will end up regreting it if you do)

perfect summer stripes

5.) Stars and Stripes - Pick one.  Wearing both together can start to look like a parade or costume.  I prefer a smaller stripe it is more flattering

6.) Fun Sunglasses - If you can get away with colored rims, I love them.  But for me... I love Gold Rims and a bronzy tinted lense.   Plus it always looks great with my airbrush tan.

perfect summer hair7.) Summer Highlights - Everyone wants to lighten their hair a bit during the summer...however, chunky overdone highlights tend to look dated.  Keep them natural and in the right color family for your skin tone.

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