Sunday, May 26, 2013

Airbrush Tanning Prep and Post Care

Proper Tanning Prep…

How to Prepare for a spray tan
12-24 Hours Before Your Airbrush Tan
              • Make sure you shower and shave or wax prior to your appointment.
              • Exfoliate with a loofa or sugar scrub prior to your tanning service, however do not apply any perfumes, deodorants, lotions or moisturizers on you skin before you appointment. 
              • You will be able to remove makeup when you arrive, but lotions can act as a barrier and will affect the processing of you tan.
              • Make sure you get your manicure and pedicure done the day before.
              • Make sure you have all your waxing and sugaring done at least one day prior to your tan.
              • Pack your tanning bag (black or dark undergarments if desired, loose fitting shoes, dark  and loose fitting clothes to wear afterwards, umbrella in-case of rain)
              • Uggs or similar shoes are best during the winter and flip flops are best during the summer

15 Minutes Before Your Airbrush Tan

  • Remove all makeup and deodorant with baby wipes
  • Pull hair back away from face and up off your neck (we do not provide hair ties, however we have them available for purchase)
  • Remove all jewelry
  • Change into your desired tanning attire (anything or nothing for females, boxers or briefs for men)
  • Put on the undergarments you want to wear and adjust them to where you want the tan lines to be (we do not provide disposable undergarments, however we have them available for purchase)

Proper Post-Tanning Care…
1 Hour After Your Airbrush Tan
  • Dry yourself with the hair dryer for about 5 minutes
  • Gather all jewelry and place it in a safe place, rings and earrings are the only thing you should put back on after the airbrush tan
  • Keep your hair up off your neck
  • Avoid touching your skin with your palms or fingers to prevent the airbrush tan from transferring to your hands.
6-8 Hours After Your Airbrush Tan
  • Avoid any activity that would cause seating, exercise, showering, or any activity that may result in water coming in contact with the skin.
  • If you choose to sleep in your airbrush tan, you may want to put down dark sheets or towel to prevent the airbrush tan from transferring to your sheets (it should wash out, but it is recommended to wash immediately) 
12 Hours After Your Airbrush Tan
  • Shower and shave like normal (extra hydrating body wash is recommended or hair conditioner)
  • Make sure to wash off ALL the airbrush tanning solution off your skin or it may appear to look streaky if there is left over bronzer on the skin
  • Pat your skin dry after showering to avoid unnecessary exfoliation
  • Apply a generous amount of moisturizer all over the skin to help the tan last
Day 3-7
  • Apply recommended At Home Tanning Spray at night in the areas that start to fade first (hands, face, and feet)
  • Apply recommended Tan Extending Lotion every other morning to moisturize the skin and extend the life of the tan
  • On Day 7 use the Tan Off Glove to remove all the remaining airbrush tan residue to prepare for your next airbrush tan

The Life of Your Tan

The life of your spray tan depends on the care you take of your skin.  Moisturize twice a day and avoid exfoliation. 
Products may reduce the number of days your spray tan will last
  • Band Aids
  • Face Masks
  • Anti-Aging or Acne Products
  • Bar Soaps
  • Hair Removal
Activities that may reduce the life of your airbrush tan…
  • Hot Tubs
  • Salt Water
  • Prolonged time in the pool
  • Hot Yoga
  • Extreme Exercise
  • Walking in sand for long distances
  • Massage
  • Mineral Oils

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