Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tan Off Glove - How to Remove Your Spray Tan

remove spray tan

How to Remove Unwanted Spray Tan -

Summer is coming soon, and a lot of you will be coming in for airbrush tans on a regular basis...each week if you want to keep your glow.  The tan often gathers in specific areas and builds up...starting to look unnatural and orange.  Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are luxurious, but often don't take off all the left over tan and some leave you with a residue.

I was recently sent a product to try at home myself...and it was advertised to take off any left over tan residue or take of any unwanted tan (if you went somewhere else and your tan was less then flawless).

It is the Tan Off Glove, and it is from Australia.  It works amazing!!!! part is that you can wash it so it is totally hygienic and it lasts for a really long time.  

I also use the Natural Bristol Scrub Brush because it is nice for me feet and it has a handle for my back.  But the Tan Off Glove has 2 sides, one side as a 'tan corrector' (orange side) gets off excess tan especially around my underarms which is where it gathers for me the worst, and 'total tan remover' (black side) to remove all the remaining tan before your next appointment. 

Use the Orange Side to if you are going to be wearing white the very next day after you get your tan.  It will lightly exfoliate the tan off the areas where you are going to sweat where the tan might not even show...rib cage area, between the breasts, and around the underarms.  That way the tan still looks even and glowing, but you wont risk any excess running or rubbing off onto your beautiful white clothes.

It is my favorite new product that we have and it is reasonably priced...and lasts a long time.  It will absolutely make a difference in how your tan looks and lasts this summer.


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