Monday, May 27, 2013

Picture Perfect Prom Makeup

Perfect Prom Makeup -

Not everyone can afford to get professional makeup done, and as much as we would love to do every one's makeup for every special occasion we don't have the time.  So I have a few recommendation for DIY Prom Makeup to look like it was done by a professional.

1. ) Primer is still necessary for young skin.  It helps control oil and balance out uneven skin.  It will also help the makeup last longer (my favorite is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer available in a small container perfect size for special occasions only)

how to match your foundation
2.) Color match your foundation carefully.  Everyone needs to have at least 2 colors of foundation, 3 is ideal.  It allows you to change your foundation color to perfectly match your skin no matter how fair or tan you are  on any given day.
          • Match your foundation to your décolleté for the full face coverage. 
          • Match it to your neck for highlight color. 
          • Match it to your shoulders for the perfect bronzy color.
3.) Use an eye primer.  Eye primer helps the shadows stick to the eye and last all night.  It also allows you to blend the colors easily.  (my favorite is MAC Paint  Pot in Painterly or Groundwork for darker skin tones).
Glitter smokey eye

3.) Define your brows.  Even if you don't need to fill them in or darken them, it is a good idea to add a little brow gel or brush them with a touch of hairspray or clear brow wax to make them defined for photos.

4.) Liquids before Powders...put on all your liquids (foundation and concealers) before you apply any powders (blush, contour, blot powder).  The texture will start to look cakey and weird if you apply liquids over the top of a setting powder.  Be very careful applying too much setting powder under the eyes it can give you a white look in photos.

5.) Eyes in the Correct Order.  They eye shadow should be applied light to dark in that order, and eye liner last and mascara and lashes at the very end.  Blend out all eye shadows completely with a very light touch and then at the very end use eye liner, mascara, and false lashes.

Having fun putting on your makeup and getting ready is most important, but some of these tricks should help you achieve the look you are wanting and help it last all night.  Cheers.

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