Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gretchen Rossi comes to Flawless!!! I am such a huge Real Housewives fan...you will see this in my next blog when you see our new team photos;) Anyway, this past Saturday was such a busy busy day for us and I was off site at weddings, Mothers Day events, among other things. I got a call from one of our fabulous tanning technicians (Mieka, you will meet her and her mom soon)...she said that a client called asking if we would be willing to use a tanning solution that they bring in with them??? Strange! But, of course our number one priority is to make sure our clients are happy and taken care of so, "of course we can" Mieka told the client. When we went to book the client and take her name she said Gretchen. Mieka is such a huge "Real Housewives" fan that she didnt even have to ask her last name she just put her in the books and said "thank you we will see you soon"!

I was super dissapointed that I was not going to be there when Gretchen came in for a tan, but I knew she would be in good hands! Gretchen came in our studio with Slade and decided to give our fabulous One Hour Tanning Solution a try. She had to shower and be ready for her event that night in just a few hours. She loved the color and the application!!! I saw her later that night and she looked gorgeous as always and was thrilled with her tan! While Slade chatted with our high school seniors getting their make-up done for Prom that day.

I got my chance to meet Gretchen and thank her in person later that night at the fabulous event, Firefighters Lifeline Charity! I have been to this fundraiser before, and actually a few years ago we agreed to airbrush tan all the firefighters who were in the calendar (that was a fun evening). Firefighter's Lifeline Foundation is a newly formed charitable organization established to raise funds for a large number of local and national charities as well as provide financial assistance to families in need within the State of Washington.

FLF has partnered with a local winery and they have agreed to produce a high quality wine and put photographs of local firefighters on each bottle. I love this idea!

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing team and we are thrilled to now have Gretchen Rossi as part of our Flawless Family! Gretchen normally travels with her own airbrush tanning system and solution (Slade carries it on the plane for them...note to Ryan my husband). She usually only trusts her own solution and Slade's application (we all know airbrush tanning can go terribly wrong if done poorly)... however this trip she had forgotten her gun and she trusted us and our team to apply it this time!

Thank you, Real Housewives...we are lifetime fans now!

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