Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Business Name and Logo

Our new name, logo, and branding!

I have had this business for 4 years now, and finally realized that I can't do all of this myself. Weird! To take my business to the next level I was going to have to hire a team to put together the plan and put it into!
How in the world am I going to pay for all of this?
Who am I going to hire and how do I know they will do a better job then I can on my own?
What if it doesn't work?
These were all questions that were keeping me up at night...but I have finally put my fears to rest and started down the path of rebranding my business using actual professionals who know what they are doing!!!

Step one bring on my SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), this is a person who knows what Google is thinking, how it works, and how to make it work for you! I of course thought that when I put up a website that all of a sudden my phone would start to ring...ummmmmmmmm Nope! The search engines are a confusing maze and require constant attention and manipulation. So you really need an expert working for you specifically to be able to keep up at the front of the pages. Nobody and I mean nobody goes past the first page of Google looking for beauty services or products in their area! It is crucial I am at least number 1 (I am now number 1, 2, 3, and probably more depending on the word choices). Thanks Rob!!! Find out more about how to make your business #1 on Google with Rob Walzer.

Step two bring on a Branding Expert. I choose a friend of mine of course. Not only do I want to support my friends and small businesses, but she is also amazing at her job! I had always chosen what I liked....not what my clients liked or wanted in terms of branding (that includes wording, names, logos, colors, and images). Great idea if I am the only client! Fae helped me hold a branding workshop with clients and friends to find out what people actually want to see. I will have an entire post about the branding workshop later next week as we roll out all the brand changes. Basically I found out a lot about my business and what people want to see. It was a fun event, very informative and I found out that my business fits in the Archetype of "Innocent" along with famous brands such as Coca-Cola and Dove! Crazy. Find out more about Fae and all her projects and then hire her! Facebook her!

Step three, hire a social media manager! She will make you do things like blog everyday!!! She will also help manage and teach you how to manage your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Blog accounts. Making sure that all these sites are working together to drive internet traffic to your website or wherever you want people to go. Genius! I started out doing all of this myself just like my website, and quickly realized that if I was going to stay married and sane I was going to have to figure out another way! Queue, Devani Freeman...whenever I mention her name someone says "oh ya, I think I know her or I see her stuff on Facebook"...BINGO! That is what I want to hear when I mention my social marketing manager and coach. Bad sign if no one has ever heard of of your "social" media expert! Another posting later about Devani and how amazing she is and what she can do for you...if social media is taking over your life, you need to watch for that positing. Find Devani at Devani Freeman.

Last Step...Introduce the team and the new business name and logo to the world! We are so excited to actually get to the fun part. Introducing the logo and new name to our clients and then of course throwing parties to celebrate it!!! More posts about our upcoming parties and events soon too! Stay tuned!

Here is the new and improved "Flawless Beauty Bars"

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  1. That is a great business plan. There are many books that talk about these business strategies. Being knowledgeable is always an advantage. Don't stop learning. Also, for your convenience, there are firms that do SEO and branding. You may contact who you think will be best for you business. I hope that you have done this and did not procrastinate because your plans are all good. All it needs is proper planning for it to happen. Good luck to you and your business venture!

    Emedia Creative