Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lash Extentions - What I really think

Full Face

Lash Extensions...to do or not to do!  Well for me they are a must, I am totally addicted!  However, having said that, they are extremely expensive and a luxury that I would probably not be able to justify if I was not in the beauty industry.

I  have been going to Eye Candy in Kirkland for over a year now, and what I love about them is that I can call almost last minute to get in (that tends to be the state of my schedule).  I don't like needing to schedule too far in advance and then have to cancel...so since they have several people there who do great work I can almost always get in with someone same day or next day.

Lashes Before
There is a new place in Bellevue that lots of people are talking about ...Noir Lash Bar.  They are very inexpensive and from what I understand they do a good job.  Here is what I found out about their system...they will do a full set of lash extensions and then after just two fill appointments they require you to take off your extensions (I guess they do it for you) and get a brand new set.  So I don't know that the cost is really that much less.  Plus if you happen to get a fill somewhere else and then come into Noir they will make you get a full new set of their lashes.  For me it is just not worth the time it takes to remove my set and get a new one.

  • New set around $75
  • Fills $40

I pay a little higher price in Kirkland for the convenience and their willingness to continue to just do fills or half fill if I am going out of town and just need a touch up.  I love that option.

  • New set around $150
  • Fill $65
  • Half Fill $35

Lashes After
So today as I am in need of almost a full new set of lashes, I have taken before and after pictures for you to see just what they look like.

I have also found out from the lash technicians that it depends a lot on your own lashes.  Often you must have good lashes for the extensions to bond and lay properly.  I don't have long natural lashes but they are fairly full and they are even so the extensions go on well.  I also get mine done very very long, because I am a "more is more" kinda girl!  I request 13 and 14 length lashes...I don't know what that refers to but I know that is how they tell the size.  Most people would do 10 and 11 for a natural look;)

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  1. Sequoia -

    It's Jaymie here from Eye Candy Lash Boutique in Kirkland. A little insight for you...the 13 and 14 you were referring to is the length of the lash in millimeters. I really like to rock 14 and 15mm...Glamorous! I want people to say, "Here comes Jaymie's eyelashes". Some people are a little more discreet. So, we carry lengths from 7mm - 17mm. We also have every color in the rainbow for those ladies feeling a little adventurous. Last winter we had a client who cheered on the Seahawks by adding some blue and green extensions in with the black ones. So fun!!