Saturday, May 12, 2012

Proper Way to Contour

Contouring the Face -

I have so many clients coming in to get their make-up done and all they want to know is how to give themselves more contoured or angled features. Popular features to contour are the Nose, Cheek bones, and Jaw line.

THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS BRONZING!!! (A post all about Bronzing will be coming in the near future) You should not use your bronzer to contour! You should also be very very careful with highlighters. We will discuss Highlighting in this blog post too!

There is a video up on our You Tube Chanel showing exactly what to do. Step by Step.

Step 1.) Moisturize the face any of your favorites...but I love Strobe Cream by MAC it gives my skin a fresh dewy look!

Step 2.) Prime the favorite I have talked about before is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Step 3.) Foundation, of course we use Temptu Airbrush Foundation...but there are a lot of amazing products out there...we recommend NO MINERAL make-up. It tends to reflect funny in light and on camera

Step 4.) Find the area below your cheek bone! This will be where you want to start the cheek contour. Start at the hairline and lay the angled brush (thick side at the hair line) and follow down to below where your cheek bone naturally ends....Blend and Blend and Blend

Step 5.) Contour the side of the nose if desired. Use the same medium color contour and pinch the brush together so that it has a very small thin surface. Start at the inner corner of the eye by they eye brow and follow the side of the nose down...then repeat on the other side...the Blend Blend Blend

Step 6.) Highlight...dust the shading color off your brush and start with the highlight color. Apply above the apples of the cheek blending from the apples up to the outer corner of the eye...below where you would do concealer but above where you would put blush.

Step 7.) Highlight the top of the nose using the same technique as the sides, pinch the brush so that it is narrow surface and trace right down the very top of the nose with the highlight color.

Step 8.) Continue to blend out the Shading and the Highlight...apply the rest of your make-up like normal

Everything about Highlight and Contour should be where there are natural shadows and natural light on the are just enhancing those areas!

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