Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My upcoming trip to Miss USA. I have never been to a national beauty pageant and of course what better place to go to for your first one then Vegas!

How it all began...a good friend of mine the darling Christina Clark I met thru Sea Gal Auditions back in 2007. She was so sweet and beautiful that I should not be surprised that she was chosen to represent our State on a national level! We have remained friends even after her Sea Gal carrer ended. She has done many amazing things since then, one of which was win Miss Washington...her very first pageant ever! She came to me asking for sponsorship for Miss Washington USA pageant. I dont know much about the Beauty Pageant industry so I didn't get back to her in time so when she went on to win...she gave me another chance to sponsor her and be involved Since then we have been doing the tanning and make-up and some of her attire for the Road to Miss USA.

The sponsorship basically means that I get the opportunity to do her make-up and sunless tanning during her reign as Miss Washington as well as when she goes down to Las Vegas for the main event!

Since I also have a line of Swimsuit cover-ups Sun Qt...soon to be available on Etsy but right now in Flawless Beauty Bars exclusively (I have talked about them before) shown here....she will be wearing some of them at the pool and getting some photos taken in them. I am so excited to see those pictures and that she has chosen our attire to wear at such a special event! We will be picking out the perfect ones later today.

I was thrilled with the chance to work with her again and excited to see what it is all about. I am tired just thinking about all the things she has to commit to doing just as Miss Washington, so I cant imagine all her obligations once she is Miss USA (and I know she will win)! Christina has been kind enough to do many photo shoots for me some even with her crown on:)!!! (I got to see it in person it is quite sparkly) She has tweeted about me and posted countless times on Facebook for me. I cant wait for my trip and I will of course be bringing you all my photos and a video blog during the entire time I am there.

The Miss USA Pageant starts May 30th in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. There is a preliminary round and then the top 10 go on to compete in the finals that is broadcast live world wide on Sunday May 3rd.

Everyone must vote for her as much as 10 times per day on Miss USA Official Website! We need our state to finally be recognized for the beauty we have here (both inside and out).

Keep posted as I fill you in on all the other exciting stuff that she will be doing as and how Flawless will be involved. Watch our Flawless You Tube Chanel for videos of my time with Tina at the upcoming Pageant. As well as other tips and tricks of the trade.

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